How Long Did Gordie Howe Play Hockey?

Sylvania, Ohio, U.S. Gordon Howe OC (March 31, 1928 – June 10, 2016) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player. From 1946 to 1980, he played 26 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) and six seasons in the World Hockey Association (WHA); his first 25 seasons were spent with the Detroit Red Wings.

When did Gordie Howe retire from hockey?

June 4, 1980 — Howe announces his retirement. Oct. 3, 1997 — Howe plays one shift for the Detroit Vipers in the International Hockey League, extending his record of consecutive decades played to six.

How many games did Gordie Howe play in the NHL?

Gordie Howe appeared in 1,767 games, the second-most in league history. He held the record for most games played for 59 years, from 1961 to 2021.

How much did Gordie Howe make playing hockey?

Gordie Howe’s net worth / earnings / salary history. He made US$1,496,700 (US$9,349,160 in today’s dollars), ranking #2879 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

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Did Gordie Howe play 5 decades?

Gordie Howe retired at the age of 52. He is the only player ever to have taken part in games spanning 5 different decades. He started his career with the Detroit Red Wings in 1946. He first retired in 1971, before going on to play in the now-defunct WHA.

How long did Bobby Orr play in the NHL?

He played in the National Hockey League (NHL) for 12 seasons, the first 10 with the Boston Bruins, followed by 2 with the Chicago Black Hawks. Orr remains the only defenceman to have won the league scoring title with two Art Ross Trophies.

Did Gordie Howe sons play in the NHL?

Howe and his sons signed with the New England Whalers in 1977 and played two seasons there in the WHA. In 1979, Howe returned to the NHL as a member of the Hartford Whalers along with his son, Mark. Howe played in the 1980 All-Star Game, which was held in Detroit, and received a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Was Gordie Howe captain of the Red Wings?

Gordie Howe Howe played 25 consecutive seasons for the Red Wings. He also served as captain of the Red Wings for four seasons. In 26 NHL seasons, Howe scored an incredible 801 goals, 1,049 assists, and 1,850 regular season points. During 20 playoff seasons, Howe scored 160 points in 157 games.

How many Gordie Howe hat tricks did Gordie Howe have?

Although he played a record 2,421 professional hockey games, Gordie Howe himself only achieved two “Gordie Howe hat tricks” in his NHL career.

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Why did Gordie Howe leave NHL?

Howe remained with the club for two more seasons, but after 25 years, a chronic wrist problem forced him to retire after the 1970–71 season and he took a job in the Red Wings front office.

What is a Gordie Howe rookie card worth?

Although his rookie card came a few years earlier, Gordie Howe’s 1954 Topps card values at about $13,000 with a high grade.

Who was the oldest NHL player ever?

Gordie Howe, 52 years old Howe debuted in the league at 18 years old in 1946. He went on to play 25 years with the Detroit Red Wings before announcing his retirement at 42 years old.

Who is the best hockey player of all-time?

The 5 Greatest Hockey Players Ever

  1. Wayne Gretzky.
  2. Bobby Orr.
  3. Mario Lemieux.
  4. Gordie Howe. Before Wayne Gretzky rolled around, Gordie Howe was and remains the only other play in NHL history to record 800-plus goals.
  5. Jaromir Jagr. This name might come as a surprise to some being so high on the all-time list.

Who was better Howe or Gretzky?

Even when including WHA totals from players such as Mark Messier, European totals from players such as Jaromir Jagr of the Florida Panthers, and even Western Hockey League totals from players such as Guyle Fielder, Howe’s career totals stand up as second all-time to Wayne Gretzky, who scored 940 goals and 2,967 points

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