Often asked: What Is Considered A Tie In Proline Hockey?

*Exception: For any golf event offered as part of a team versus team tournament, a Proline Tie applies only when the teams or players listed on a Proline Event finish with the same combined point total for the tournament. A game ending with each team having the same score. Overtime and shootouts are not included.

What constitutes a tie in proline hockey?

A game decided by five (5) points or less is considered a ‘Tie’. For a Win, the designated Home or Visitor team must win by six or more points. Hockey. A Tie occurs when both teams have the same score after regulation play (excludes overtime and shootouts).

What is considered a tie in hockey?

At the NHL level of hockey, a game cannot end in a tie. If the game is tied at the end of regulation time, the teams will play a 5 minute overtime, and if no goal is scored the game will be decided by a shootout. However, in the NCAA and recreational levels games can end in a tie.

How many ties can you pick on Proline?

Choose the events you want to wager on. You must select a minimum of 3 events and a maximum of 6 events using the selection slip available at your local OLG retailer or the PRO•LINE App. You can choose one of the V+, V, T, H, H+ outcomes, and/or one of the O, U outcomes.

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Is a shoot out a tie in proline?

For hockey events, the Tie rule requires extra play (if any) to be included, but excludes shoot-outs (if any). Final results include extra play (if any) and shoot-outs (if any). For hockey scoring events, the rules require that both participants are tied at the end of extra play (if any).

Can you win proline pools with 1 wrong?

Usually perfect tickets win, but not always. sometimes 1 wrong wins (I’ve won off 1 wrong pools before with habfan actually), and even seen a few times best ticket had 2 wrong but that’s very rare means whichever games won were probably underdogs and a lot of them to boot and no one nailed perfect

What is proline 2s combo?

Combo Play is simply a convenience tool to purchase smaller combinations, of the picks selected, all in the same transaction/ticket. When you select a combo level, you are purchasing all combinations of those picks at the # level chosen (e.g. “Combo to 2’s” means buying all 2-pick combinations of your picks ).

What sports allow ties?


  • American football.
  • Association football.
  • Australian rules football.
  • Baseball.
  • Basketball.
  • Boxing.
  • Chess.
  • Cricket.

What sport Cannot end in a tie?

Generally, basketball games can’t end in a tie. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, the game goes to a five-minute overtime period. In the event the game is tied at the end of overtime, an additional overtime period is played. This process is repeated until there is a winner.

What is a tie in a game?

2: an equality in number (as of votes or scores) The game ended in a tie. 3: a contest that ends with an equal score They finished the season with six wins and two ties.

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Can you bet single games on Proline?

SINGLE EVENT BETTING Place your bets on a single solitary game without having to place a parlay!

How is proline payout calculated?

The payout is found by multiplying the odds associated with each selection by each other and then multiplying this total by your risk amount.

How does Pro line work?

PRO•LINE: bet on which team will win, by how much, and if the score is ‘over’ or ‘under’ POOLS: bet on which teams will win, period. POINT SPREAD: bet on whether one team’s score will beat or cover an assigned handicap. PROPS: bet on whether a specific action in a game will take place.

Does point spread include overtime?

Does overtime count in a point spread? All point spread bets include overtime.

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