Question: What 1990 Hockey Cards Are Worth Money?

Best 1990’s Hockey Rookie Cards

  • 1990 Martin Brodeur Score Canadian Rookie Card #439.
  • 1990 Jaromir Jagr Upper Deck French RC #356.
  • 1990 Eric Lindros Score Canadian Future Superstar RC #440.
  • 1991 Nicklas Lidstrom O-Pee-Chee Premier RC #117.
  • 1990 Ed Belfour Upper Deck French RC #55.
  • 1991 Teemu Selanne Upper Deck French RC #21.

What are the most valuable hockey cards from 1990?

Best 5 1990 Score Hockey Cards

  • 1990 Eric Lindros Score Future Superstar RC #440. Buy on eBay. Eric Lindros was the number one pick in the 1991 NHL Draft.
  • 1990 Wayne Gretzky Score #1. Buy on eBay.
  • 1990 Martin Brodeur Score RC #439. Buy on eBay.
  • 1990 Mario Lemieux Score #2. Buy on eBay.
  • 1990 Jaromir Jagr Score RC #428. Buy on eBay.

How much is a Wayne Gretzky 1990 card worth?

How much is a Wayne Gretzky 1990 card worth? A 1990 Wayne Gretzky Upper Deck base card graded PSA 10 is worth between $120 to $200.

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Which hockey cards are worth money?

10 Most Valuable Hockey Cards: From $22,000 To Six-Figures

  • 1923 V145-1 #15 Howie Morenz Rookie Card – $22,000.
  • 1912 C57 #1 Georges Vezina – $25,000.
  • 2005 The Cup #180 Sidney Crosby Rookie Card Autograph – $30,000.
  • 1923 V145-1 #25 Bert Corbeau Rookie Card – $40,000.
  • 1951 Parkhurst #66 Gordie Howe Rookie Card – $50,000.

Are hockey cards from 1991 worth anything?

That’s funny if you think about it, because hockey cards in the 1991-92 season were worth $15 million to the players and owners – money worth fighting over — and yet hockey cards from that year are practically worthless today.

How do I know if my hockey cards are worth anything?

Condition and Grading. One of the most important factors for a card’s worth is its condition. Even rare cards can be worthless if they have heavy creases, stains or discoloration. Condition is generally graded on its surface, edges, corners, print quality, and centering.

Which Wayne Gretzky hockey cards are worth money?

Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card Value The most expensive Wayne Gretzky rookie card is the 1979 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Wayne Gretzky RC #18 PSA 10 which sold for $1,290,000 via Heritage Auctions on 12/23/2020.

How many Gretzky rookie cards exist?

PSA has examined nearly 6,000 O-Pee-Chee Gretzky rookies, and only two in existence have received a grade of 10. The sale, first reported by ESPN, was brokered by Heritage Auctions.

How much is a Wayne Gretzky 1991 card worth?

1991 Wayne Gretzky Score Card #100 Value: $1.20 – $59.24 | MAVIN.

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What old hockey cards are worth money?

45 Most Valuable Hockey Cards: The All-Time Dream List

  • 1979 O-Pee-Chee #18 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card.
  • 1966 Topps USA Test #35 Bobby Orr Rookie Card.
  • 1979 Topps #18 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card.
  • 1958 Topps #66 Bobby Hull Rookie Card.
  • 1966 Topps #35 Bobby Orr Rookie Card.
  • 1911 C55 Imperial Tobacco #38 Georges Vezina Rookie Card.

Which Topps cards are worth money?

Topps #311 Mickey Mantle Card #311 Mickey Mantle is one of the Topps baseball cards with the highest value on the market. It is also an indicator of the price movement of trading cards. Topps entered the sports cards market in 1952, so the value of this set of cards is very high.

How can I sell my old hockey cards?

4 places to sell your trading cards and sports cards

  1. eBay. eBay is likely your first thought when it comes to selling trading cards, especially online.
  2. Buylists. Buylists, if you’re unfamiliar, are lists of cards that shops are willing to purchase from you along with their rates.
  3. Facebook Groups.
  4. TCGplayer.

Are Bowman hockey cards worth anything?

The estimated market value is $9.90. Mavin found 125 sold results, ranging in value from $0.50 to $525.00.

How much is an Eric Lindros rookie card worth?

The Eric Lindros baseball card value is difficult to determine due to lack of sales at high grades but for PSA 10 grade, we would pay between $12 to $15.

What sports cards are selling right now?

Best Baseball Cards To Buy Right Now

  • 2017 Ronald Acuna Jr. Bowman Chrome RC #BCP127.
  • 1993 Derek Jeter SP Foil RC #279. BUY NOW.
  • 1989 Ken Griffey Jr.
  • 2018 Topps Ronald Acuna Jr.
  • 1987 Greg Maddux Leaf RC #36.
  • 2011 Mike Trout Topps Update RC #US175.
  • 1992 Mariano Rivera Bowman Baseball RC #302.
  • 2016 Fernando Tatis Jr.

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