Question: Who Are The Hockey Players In The New Amsterdam Vodka Commercial?

He currently works as an analyst on NHL Network as well as a host on the Barstool Sports hockey podcast, Spittin’ Chiclets. New Amsterdam Vodka created a drink named after him called “Pink Whitney”.

Ryan Whitney
Weight 209 lb (95 kg; 14 st 13 lb)
Position Defense
Shot Left


Who are the two hockey players in the New Amsterdam Vodka commercial?

In October 2018, two former NHL players — Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette — did an ad read for their insanely popular Barstool Sports hockey podcast, Spittin’ Chiclets. The podcast’s featured sponsor, New Amsterdam Vodka, gave the pair a simple prompt: “How do you drink your vodka?”

Who are the actors in New Amsterdam commercial?

New Amsterdam The Pink Whitney TV Commercial, ‘Locker Room’ Featuring Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette.

Who are the guys in the Pink Whitney commercial?

Spittin’ Chiclets hosts Paul Bissonnette, Rear Admiral and Ryan Whitney meet fans at a Pink Whitney

How much is Pink Whitney worth?

With mass distribution across America, the company knows how to get products to market. After moving 15m+ bottles in less than 2 years — which we estimate brought in gross sales of $100m+ — Pink Whitney is now the fastest-growing flavored vodka brand on the market.

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Why is it called Pink Whitney?

The Pink Whitney was inspired by the favorite drink of Ryan Whitney, former NHL player and co-host of Spittin’ Chiclets. “We knew we had something when the fans started sending us pictures of their Pink Whitneys and when the bars and some NHL arenas started serving them as specialty drinks.”

Is New Amsterdam Vodka or gin?

New Amsterdam is a vodka and gin brand conjured up by E&J Gallo, a mega-umbrella winery and distributor based out of Modesto, Calif.

How good is Amsterdam Vodka?

The vodka is produced by New Amsterdam Spirits Company. The quality is considered to be great. The average price is around $10.69 per 750mL. Rated 4 out of 5 based on 49 reviews.

Who owns New Amsterdam?

New Amsterdam, which is owned by wine giant E. & J. Gallo Winery, declined to release exact financial terms, other than to say it cost multi-millions of dollars with the investment increasing with each year.

Does Pink Whitney taste like alcohol?

Pink Whitney is a pink lemonade infused vodka. It has a sweet-tart citrus flavor along with the alcoholic kick of vodka. It tastes similar to a lemon drop martini. Alcohol by volume (ABV) of Pink Whitney is 30% (60 proof).

How much does Ryan Whitney Make?

After continuous traction and support from fans on social media platforms as well as “Spittin Chiclets,” E & J Gallo Winery, the parent company of New Amsterdam Vodka, created the “Pink Whitney.” The drink hit the shelves for U.S. consumers in September 2019.

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