Quick Answer: Hockey Players Who Died Recently?


Age Player Date of death
33 Valeri Kharlamov August 27, 1981
28 Rauli Levonen December 1, 1981
22 André Aubut 1982
25 Palle Schultz December 1984


Which NHL player died recently?

On Sunday, former NHL player Jimmy Hayes ‘ cause of death was announced, nearly two months after the 31-year-old was found dead in his home on Aug. 23.

What hockey player just died?

MILTON, Mass. — Jimmy Hayes, who won a national hockey championship at Boston College and played seven seasons in the NHL, has died. He was 31. A law enforcement official said medics on Monday were called to the Hayes home in the Boston suburbs, where he was pronounced dead.

Which NHL player died yesterday?

2021-08-24 02:41:33 GMT+00:00 – Former NHL player Jimmy Hayes has died, multiple media outlets reported on Monday. He was 31. The Boston Globe reported Hayes was pronounced dead on Monday morning at his home in Milton, Mass., but a cause of death was not immediately available.

What happened Jimmie Hayes?

Jimmy Hayes died Aug. 23 at his home in Milton, Massachusetts, at 31 years old. The official cause of death remains unconfirmed. Hayes played 334 games in the NHL, having last played professionally in 2019.

Has anyone died on the field in the NFL?

24, 1971, Lions’ receiver Chuck Hughes became the first and still only NFL player to die during a game. In 102 years of NFL football, one player has died during a game. On Oct. 24, 1971, as the Detroit Lions played the Chicago Bears at Tiger Stadium, Lions’ receiver Chuck Hughes collapsed and died.

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What sport has most deaths?

Base jumping is undoubtedly the world’s most dangerous sport. The statistics show that there is a far bigger chance of dying base jumping than doing any other activity.

What did Jimmy Hayes hockey player died from?

Jimmy’s family hopes that sharing his story can “save someone’s life.” Former NHL player Jimmy Hayes, whose younger brother, Kevin, is in his third season with the Flyers, died with cocaine and fentanyl in his system, according to his widow. Hayes was pronounced dead at his Massachusetts home Aug. 23 at the age of 31.

Who is Jimmy Hayes wife?

His wife, Kristen Hayes, was headed to a tribute for her husband at the Devils-Blackhawks game Friday when she got the toxicology report from the state medical examiner, according to the Boston Globe.

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