Quick Answer: What Hockey Team Does Carrie Underwoods Husband Play For?

Mike Fisher (ice hockey)

Mike Fisher
Played for Ottawa Senators EV Zug Nashville Predators
National team Canada
NHL Draft 44th overall, 1998 Ottawa Senators
Playing career 1999–2018


Who did Carrie Underwood’s husband play hockey for?

Who Is Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher? Fisher is a former professional ice hockey player who played center for the Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators in the National Hockey League. In 2017, he retired from the Predators and returned in 2018, signing a one-year contract.

Who Is Carrie Underwoods husband?

Since then, Fisher has devoted his time to doing charity work and has been building up his hunting brand, named Catchin’ Deers. The Tennessean was the first to report the news that after just a few months of retirement, Fisher has made the choice to return to the NHL.

Does Carrie Underwood’s husband hunt?

I mean, yes, technically, but no.” The two also discussed how she’s a passionate animal lover while he’s an avid outdoorsman. ” Carrie does not like hunting one bit,” Fisher shared. “If he could be a vegan/vegetarian, my life would be almost perfect,” the singer remarked.

Does Carrie Underwood’s husband still play ice hockey?

Fisher is married to American singer Carrie Underwood. They met backstage after one of Underwood’s concerts in 2008. In February 2015, Underwood gave birth to their first child, a son. In January 2019, she gave birth to their second son.

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Is Bud Fisher Mike Fisher’s brother?

Mike launched a hunting-themed clothing and accessory line (Catchin’ Deers) that was co-founded by Fisher alongside his brother Bud and friend Austin Casselman.

How old is Mike Fisher?

I’m not really associated with PETA. If they’re doing a spay-or-neuter campaign, I’m all for it. I’m not really for so many radical things.

Is Carrie Underwood’s husband a vegetarian?

While whipping up a vegetable quiche during an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show, Carrie Underwood, a vegetarian, revealed that the one food item she won’t cook for her husband Mike Fisher is meat. Underwood has been a vegetarian and sometimes vegan since she was 13, growing up on her parent’s farm in Checotah, Okla.

Is Carrie Underwood husband retired?

Since officially retiring from the NHL in 2018, Fisher has been keeping busy being a father to the couple’s two boys Isaiah and Jacob (per Country Living). Luckily for the former NHL star, he knew exactly the type of dad and husband he wanted to be.

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