Quick Answer: What Is Stickhandling In Hockey?

When you practice stickhandling you should practice controlling the puck every where you can reach with your hockey stick. This means moving the puck side to side AND forwards and backwards, in front of you, on both sides of you, and even behind you. Practice this as soon as you can and as often as you can.

How do I improve my stickhandling in hockey?

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  1. Your top hand should do most of the work.
  2. Don’t hold the stick too tight.
  3. Protect the puck.
  4. Keep your shoulders and arms loose.
  5. Move the puck around your ENTIRE body.
  6. Practice your reach.
  7. Keep the puck moving.
  8. Practice with your head up.

Why is it important to be a good stickhandling in hockey?

Being able to handle the puck in various situations on the ice is crucial for any hockey player. In order to stickhandle efficiently, you need to be able to handle the puck all the way around your body. Now I know every hockey player would love to be able to handle the puck like a Crosby or a Datsyuk or a Malkin.

What does puck control mean?

One extremely important skill that is often overlooked and understated however is puck control. This means being comfortable with the puck on your forehand, backhand and able to maneuver with the puck seamlessly as opponents apply pressure.

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