Readers ask: What Does The Colloquialism &Quot;Hockey Stick” Mean?

Filters. (idiomatic, euphemistic) Hell.

What does jolly hockey sticks mean in British slang?

Jolly hockey sticks! is used as an exclamation in humorous representations or imitations of a manner of speech associated with English public schools, expressing boisterous enthusiasm. The phrase is said to have been coined by actress Beryl Reid on the British radio comedy series Educating Archie (1950–58).

Why do people say he double hockey stick?

A euphemistic spelling of “hell,” referring to each L resembling a hockey stick in shape. “Oh yeah?” said Tommy to the schoolyard bully.

Where did double hockey sticks come from?

H-E Double Hockey Sticks is a 1999 American made-for-television comedy film directed by Randall Miller starring Will Friedle and Matthew Lawrence. The film is based on the opera Griffelkin by Lukas Foss. The film’s title is a common euphemism for the word hell.

What is the hockey stick phenomenon?

The hockey stick effect is characterized by a sharp rise or fall of data points after a long flat period. The hockey stick chart formation illustrates that urgent action may be required to understand a phenomenon or find a solution for the drastic shift in data points.

What does a Yonks mean?

/ (jɒŋks) / pl n. informal a very long time; agesI haven’t seen him for yonks.

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What does double toothpicks mean?

HE-double-toothpicks (uncountable) (idiomatic, euphemistic) Hell. quotations ▼

What does the hockey stick graph tell us?

The “hockey stick” graph shows the average global temperature over the past 1,000 years. For the first 900 years there is little variation, like the shaft of an ice-hockey stick. Then, in the 20th century, comes a sharp rise like the stick’s blade.

Why is a field hockey stick curve?

The curved head of a field hockey stick provides a larger surface area with which to stop and hit the hockey ball. Today, the heads of most field hockey sticks are “hooked” upwards. FIH regulations dictate that the head must be J or U shaped and that the hook may not be more than about 4 inches (100mm) deep.

What is the hockey stick trajectory?

Hockey stick growth is sudden and extremely rapid growth after a long period of linear growth. The term is often used to describe what happens when a startup business finds its market niche and market conditions are positive.

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