Readers ask: What Is The Name Of The Inept Ice Hockey Team In The 1977 Film ‘Slap Shot’?

In the fictional small town of Charlestown, the local mill is about to lay off 10,000 workers, indirectly threatening the existence of the town’s minor league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs.

What was the name of the team in Slap Shot?

The Charlestown Chiefs were based on the Johnstown Jets, an active minor league team from 1950 to 1977 that played an exhibition game against Maurice “Rocket” Richard and the Montreal Canadiens in 1951.

What team did the Hanson brothers play for?

All three played for the Johnstown Jets team Nancy Dowd wrote about. The character “Killer Carlson”, is based on Dave Hanson who was nicknamed “Killer” Hanson. Ironically, later in his pro days, Jack Carlson, the man Dave “played” in the movie, was often referred to as “Killer”.

Is Slap Shot based on a true story?

The Hanson Brothers are fictional characters in the 1977 movie Slap Shot. The characters are based on the Carlson brothers, who were actual hockey players. In the film, the fictional Charlestown Chiefs of the fictional Federal League are fashioned on the Jets and the NAHL.

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What state were the Charlestown Chiefs from?

The Johnstown Jets became the Charlestown Chiefs. The trio of Minnesota brothers known for their on-ice goonery, the Carlson brothers, became the Hanson brothers, and notorious glove-dropper Bill “Goldie” Goldthorpe was renamed Ogie Ogilthorpe, and was played by Ned Dowd himself in the movie.

What is a slapshot in hockey?

A slapshot (also spelled as slap shot) in ice hockey is the hardest shot one can perform. The player winds up his hockey stick to shoulder height or higher. Next the player violently “slaps” the ice slightly behind the puck and uses his weight to bend the stick, storing energy in it like a spring.

Did Paul Newman really skate in Slap shot?

According to David Hanson (during a Q&A on his 2008 book tour) much of the Hanson brothers’ on screen antics were unscripted and improvised on the set. During an interview a few years ago the “Hanson Brothers” (Steve & Jeff Carlson, Dave Hanson) were asked if they taught Paul Newman how to skate.

Did the Hanson Brothers play the White House?

1 in 27 countries, and Hanson appeared on MTV, performed everywhere from the Grammy Awards to the White House, and became teen heartthrobs in the pages of Tiger Beat and Bop magazines.

Who played Ogie Oglethorpe?

When the Hanson Brothers were getting ready for a game in “Slap Shot,” they were seen putting foil under their gloves to help them cut their opponents during fights. Puttin’ on the foil has become a reference to getting ready to fight.

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Are the Hanson Brothers Canadian?

The Hanson Brothers were a Canadian punk rock band formed in 1984 in Victoria and later based in Vancouver. The group included John and Rob Wright and Tom Holliston, all members of the punk rock band Nomeansno. The Hanson Brothers’ band name references characters in the cult ice hockey film Slap Shot.

Did the Hanson brothers play in the NHL?

Although all three Hanson brothers played professional hockey throughout the 1970s and 80s, they only combined for three seasons in the NHL. They did, however, appear in two “Slap Shot” sequels and made many television appearances as goony caricatures of themselves.

Are the Charlestown Chiefs a real team?

The Charlestown Chiefs and the Federal Hockey League are fictional, but if you talk to Philadelphia Flyers General Manager and one-time Johnstown Jets forward Paul Holmgren, the Charlestown Chiefs and the Federal League are perhaps the only two pieces of the movie “Slap Shot” that are made up.

Who were Carlson brothers?

THE CHARLESTOWN CHIEFS WERE MODELED AFTER AN ACTUAL PRO HOCKEY CLUB. Fascinated by the pro hockey subculture, Nancy penned an irreverent script about a struggling minor league club in the fictional rust-belt city of Charlestown, Pennsylvania.

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