What Does Rvh Mean In Hockey?

RVH stands for reverse vertical horizontal, a maneuver that’s gained traction at all levels of hockey, but especially in the NHL. The reason: The NHL made the nets shallower before the 2013-14 season and players can now wrap the puck around from the back of the net easier.

When should a goalie Use RVH?

There are two situations where the RVH can be used by a goalie. When facing a wraparound attempt, it’s a good time for a goalie to use the RVH to provide a very seal to the post.

What does VH stand for goalie?

Although extremely busy during the pre-season with goaltending evaluations, I had the chance to speak to an evaluator from another local goaltending school between sessions about the hot topic debate of whether it was best for goaltenders to apply a Vertical Horizontal (VH), or a Reverse Vertical Horizontal (RVH) at

What is VH and RVH?

The Reverse VH, or RVH, is a term commonly used to describe a certain position used by goalies. Also commonly referred to as simply, “the reverse”. What does RVH in goaltending stand for? RVH stands for Reverse, Vertical, Horizontal. This relates to a goalies leg positioning on the post.

What are the 4 depths?

Most commonly referred to as the ‘ABCs of Depth,’ goaltenders are taught that there are 4 different zones they can be in when facing a shot: A, B, C, and D. Here’s a break-down of how to hone your depth perception and never find yourself out of position in a game.

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When should on ice recoveries be used?

Proper Use: Used when the play and puck go to the outside after goaltender drops to ice to make save.

What is a reverse VH in hockey?

That maneuver is called the “Reverse VH” and it’s the most widespread way for goalies to cover the post and not allow soft goals to be scored. An opposite of the previously-used “VH” stance, it means a goalie’s pad against the post is horizontal along the ice while the back leg is vertical.

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