What Size Shin Guards Hockey?


Pad Size Shin Height
14″ 13″ – 14″ 5’5″ – 5’8″
15″ 14″ – 15″ 5’7″ – 5’11”
16″ 15″ – 16″ 5’10” – 6’2″
17″ 16″ – 17″ 6’1″+

How do you measure shin guards for shins?

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  1. Wear shorts and bring your soccer socks and shoes with you to choose your soccer shin guards.
  2. Sit down in a comfortable chair and put on your soccer shoes.
  3. Measure your shin from just below where the knee joint bends to 1 inch above the top of your shoe.

How long should my shin guards be?

Shin guards should fit from just above the bend of your ankle when you flex your foot to a couple of inches below the knee.

How do shin guards fit?

Shin guard sizing is determined by the height of the player. You’ll want your shin guards to cover most of the area between your ankle and knee. Shin guards should fit snugly and be at least 2″ below the knee.

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How do I measure my shin?

To determine your size, measure the length of the shin when your leg is bent at a 90 degree angle from the center of the knee cap to the top of the boot of the skate. A proper fit enables the knee to sit directly in the center of the kneecap.

How do I know my hockey glove size?

To determine the correct size glove, measure from your finger tips to the end of your elbow pad (i.e. if this distance measures 13.7”, a 14” glove is the proper size glove). If your fingers touch the end of the glove, it is too small.

Are field hockey and soccer shin guards the same?

Field hockey shin guards, which are made of plastic and foam, wrap farther around the lower leg and offer more ankle protection than soccer shin guards. Some players like to wear thin socks under their shin guards to make them more comfortable.

Do shin guards go over or under socks?

Shin guards are worn under the socks, so don’t put them on yet. Position the shin guards correctly. Make sure they are centered on your shin, not off to the side. They should protect from your ankle to below your knee.

Should you wear socks under shin guards?

For match play, your socks must completely cover your shin guards. Some players prefer to wear their match socks pulled up over the knees while others like to fold them down. This is a personal comfort, style preference. Often times your shin guard can dictate how you wear your socks.

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What size MMA shin guards do I need?

However, as a general guide, if you’re a smaller fighter ( Under 5’8 ) you can use a medium sized shin guard, large is for an average size range (roughly 5’8 to 6’0) and extra large for heavyweights. REMEMBER that the sizing varies depending on the length of your shin.

What shin pads do NHL players wear?

The Best Hockey Shin Guards

  1. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Shin Guard. Best Hockey Shin Guards for Skinny Legs.
  2. Warrior Alpha DX Shin Guard.
  3. CCM Jetspeed FT1 Shin Guard.
  4. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Shin Guard.
  5. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Shin Guard.
  6. Bauer Supreme S29 Shin Guard.
  7. CCM Jetspeed FT370 Shin Guard.
  8. Warrior Alpha DX3.

Do field hockey players wear shin guards?

Field Hockey Shin guards are the most important piece of field hockey equipment you will choose after you have chosen your field hockey stick. Due to the nature of the game of field hockey, your shin’s are the one area of your body that needs to be protected the most.

Can you use soccer shin guards for field hockey?

It is technically legal to use soccer gear when you’re playing field hockey. This is extremely important because the smaller field hockey ball can cause serious injury if it’s hit hard into your shin. The strong plastic materials of a field hockey shin guard also tend to mold better to your leg.

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